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Cajun Nation, Louisiana along the Cajun Coast

  • Brothers, Alfonzo and Troy Bolden are the Founders, Owners and CEOs of the CAJUN NATION®️ Cajun Seasoning Company. They were born, raised, and made in Cajun Nation along the Cajun Coast.
  • In 1976, Alfonzo and Troy Bolden, lived on a working sugarcane plantation in Cajun Nation along the Cajun Coast on the Old Jeanerette Road in New Iberia, Louisiana during their early childhood. Running shirtless and barefoot together on the headlands of the sugarcane plantation, they looked for adventure. Also, they would often sit in the sugarcane field or under the big Oak Tree in their backyard chewing sugarcane, talking, problem solving, and/or dreaming. Their success is a direct result of the dream seeds planted as children sitting in the sugarcane field or under the big Oak Tree. Even today, those memories continues to water and fertilize their drive to be successful. After many years of living on the plantation, the family moved back to the small commUNITY along the Cajun Coast known as Glencoe. The small commUNITY of Glencoe in Cajun Nation is one of the blended communities of the 22 parishes in Southwest Louisiana connected by family, food, friends, and fun.
  • In 2019, The brothers were faced with a health situation involving a family member in relation to hypertension. Hypertension had always been an issue throughout their family for many years. They have personally experienced the negative impact of high blood pressure. As a result, the idea of a low sodium seasoning was born. The objective was to create a flavorful Cajun blend that was both flavorful and low sodium. At the start of Covid in 2020, the CAJUN NATION®️ Cajun Seasoning was created. The Cajun Nation blend accomplished that flavorful low sodium taste with no MSG, and Gluten Free! GEAUX GET THE RED CAN™️ slogan and THE RED CAN MAN were created to promote the Cajun Nation Cajun Seasoning Company.
  • In 2022, The Bolden Brothers created the CAJUN SUGAR®️ brand in dedication of their mother, stepfather and childhood on the sugarcane plantation.
  • Still to this day, the CAJUN NATION®️ Cajun Seasoning Company continues to create other flavorful brands, low in sodium with no MSG and Gluten Free such as CAJUN HEAT ®️ and CAJUN COAST®️.