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The RED CAN Man❗️


  • Brothers, Alfonzo and Troy Bolden are the Founders, Owners and CEOs of the CAJUN NATION®️ Cajun Seasoning Company. They were born, raised, and made in Cajun Nation, Louisiana along the Cajun Coast.
  • In 2019, The brothers were faced with a health situation involving a family member in relation to hypertension. Hypertension had always been an issue throughout their family for many years. They have personally experienced the negative impact of high blood pressure. As a result, the idea of a low sodium seasoning was born. The objective was to create a flavorful low sodium Cajun blend.
  • In 2020, the CAJUN NATION®️ Cajun Seasoning was created at the start of COVID. The Cajun Nation blend accomplished that flavorful low sodium taste with no MSG, and Gluten-Free! GEAUX GET THE RED CAN™️ is their tagline. THE RED CAN MAN is their mascot of the Cajun Nation Cajun Seasoning Company.
  • Still to this day, the CAJUN NATION®️ Cajun Seasoning Company continues to create other flavorful products low in sodium with no MSG and Gluten-Free for the commUNITY.